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Boise Criminal Defense Lawyer

People facing all types of criminal charges throughout the Boise area and statewide can benefit from the knowledge and experience of Tague Law. Our firm emphasizes focused personal attention and skilled protection of each client's rights, freedom and future.

Criminal Law Experience, Including Trial Work and Negotiations

The consequences of any criminal conviction can be immediately devastating, and long-term limitations on educational and job prospects are often even more critical concerns. This firm provides resourceful, innovative defense against all misdemeanor and felony charges facing both adults and juveniles, including:

The firm is also an excellent resource for people seeking expungement of a past criminal charge or conviction.

Fast Action to Get Qualified Legal Counsel Could Be Critical for Your Future

Your consultation is free.  Let us talk with you about your specific situation.  We can empathize with your needs and will discuss all of your legal options for avoiding or minimizing life-changing penalties.  

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